xmas entertainment ideas

Pre wrapped

Xmas Entertainment Ideas

Christmas Party entertainment ideas and planning advice.
Pre wrapped

But before you go about sending out the invites to your Christmas event, don t forget the final thing It s what Christmas is all about the presents And it s the one moment that is sure to bring ultimate joy to children across the UK as they enter Santas Grotto and leave with a gift from the man of the moment.With a variety of fun gifts available, all of which come pre wrapped, you can be sure that guests will be happy as they walk away with an early little gift from Santa.

Santas Grotto Gold
walkabout character
Santas Grotto Silver
Photo Booth
Christmas Props
Santas Wooden Grotto Facade
Santas Grotto Bronze
Red Post Box
Face Painters
Wonderland Meet and Greet Silver
Christmas Party events
Wonderland Meet and Greet Gold
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