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Christmas Hoopla Stall

Xmas Entertainment Ideas

Christmas Party entertainment ideas and planning advice.
Christmas Hoopla Stall

Hire the Christmas Hoopla Stall and The aim of the game is simple as you are handed hoops which you need to try and throw over the reindeer antlers or snowmans hat You ll need to judge this perfectly in order for the hoops to drop over.Brilliant fun for all ages, you ll soon see a look of determination on the faces of everyone playing and the eagerness to come away victorious.Inspired by the traditional hoopla carnival fun fair games we all know and love, the Side Stalls are a great feature at events. With the red and white striped fabric surrounding, they are a real eye catcher, especially when stood next to one another. These popular stalls offer perfect entertainment for all ages at a variety of events including fun days, private parties, corporate events, wedding and charity events.

You can add that extra Fun Factor to the Side Stalls by offering your guests the chance to win prizes if they manage to hoop a ring around the targets, ask the Fun Experts about the various prize packages that are available to order.

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