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Christmas Cash Cube

Xmas Entertainment Ideas

Christmas Party entertainment ideas and planning advice.
Christmas Cash Cube

Hire the Christmas Cash Cube AND you know youre in for something special. Once you step into the festive cubicle and the timer starts its down to you to start grabbing Ideal for any Christmas Party Event where fun is the primary goal, but especially good for competitions, promotions and exhibitions when you need to add that WOW factor. Heres a few ideasCrystal Maze Challenge well fill the Cube with Silver and Gold tickets. The more you grab the more you score even better when two players enter the booth.Gold Sticker Seeker to add a little difficulty, well only add one Gold ticket.Grab A Grand raise the stakes by adding funny money to the Cube and watch the player go for itVoucher Grab perfect for promotions and exhibitions As the lights change colour during the countdown, it gets harder to keep grabbing those flying paper targets, but one thing is sure its a whole lot of funAccess Requirements please note that a width of 0.82m is required when moving the equipment through doorways and corridors. If you feel that access may be an issue, such as stairways or lift access, uneven surfaces, obstructions or perhaps long distances then please mention this in your enquiry.

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