what to eat in arunachal pradesh

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What to Eat in Arunachal Pradesh

Apang or rice beer made from fermented rice or millet is a popular beverage in Arunachal Pradesh.
21. Chili pepper
The chili pepper is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. In Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries, the word pepper is usually omitted. The substances that give chili peppers their intensity when ingested or applied topically are capsaicin (8methylNvanillyl6nonenamide) and several related chemicals, collectively called capsaicinoids. Chili peppers originated in the Americas. After the Columbian Exchange, many cultivars of chili pepper spread across the world, used in both food and medicine. Chilies were brought to Asia by Portuguese navigators during the 16th century. India is the worlds largest producer, consumer and exporter of chili peppers. Guntur in Andhra Pradesh produces 30% of all the chilies produced in India,and the state of Andhra Pradesh as a whole contributes 75% of Indias chili exports.
22. Panch Phoron Taarkari
This dish is the mixture of all types of vegetables. There are cold milk and dry spices are added to it Turmeri,sugar,chillies are added to this dish.It is prepared by adding enough water
23. Koat Pitha
Take six pieces of ripe mashed bananas and mix it with jaggery. Fold rice flour slowly into the mixture of banana jaggery. Next heat the oil and then spoon the batter in the hot oil keeping it on a medium heat. When the pithas have turn golden brown drain them on brown paper. This sweet dish is ready to serve.
24. Misa Mach Poora
Uncooked shrimps are required to prepare this dish These shrimps are greased in banana leafs.It is prepared in mustard oil and water with coriander,peppercorns
25. Poora Mach
This dish is prepared from sole fish. It is cooked on an open charcoal with wrapped in banana leaf. Some major spices are added to this dish like garlic,coriander,lime juice,etc
26. Arunachal Pradesh Laksa Stock
This dish is prepared from boiled flakes of noodles. It is cooked in spiced paste and daun kesom.It is garnished by cucumber,pineapples,onions and chillies
27. Dal and Eggs
This dish is prepared from masoor dal,moong dal and afar dal. By adding various spices a tomato paste is prepared with whole egg. The whole sauce with whole egg is poured in dal before serving
28. Peda
Peda, Pheda or Pera is a sweet from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semisoft pieces. The main ingredients are khoa, sugar and traditional flavorings, including cardamom seeds, pistachio nuts and saffron. The colour varies from a creamy white to a caramel colour. The word pera is also generically used to mean a blob of any doughy substance, such as flour or (in the case of the sweet) khoa. Origin of Peda may be credited to the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and the variety from the city of Mathura in that state was considered to be the best. Simultaneously, another origin, practice of Peda making, some unique varieties, and spread of this tradition may be attributed to the province of Saurashtra of Gujarat and its centers like Sihor, Rajkot, Palitana and Bhavnagar as well. Tradition and practice of Peda making can be traced back to late 1800s in Sihor while it picking up momentum in 20th century. Along with Rajkot and Bhavnagar now, there are several distinct varieties of Peda, originating from different centres of Saurashtra (region). In Gujarat, Pedas are called and pronounced as Penda

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