ways to look better instantly

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Step Up Your Shoe Care

Ways to look better Instantly

Step Up Your Shoe Care

Whether its high shine, cream shine, or brushed suede, keeping your shoes in good shape will elevate your overall apperance. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. Our shoes are the foundation of our outfits. We dont suggest running a marathon in your old beat up trainers, and we dont suggest going on a blind date in an old beat up pair of Oxfords. Whether your shoes are$95or$895, a shoe that has been cared for will last longer and make a better impression. Also, the guy that takes care of your shoes is called aCobbler, not a shoe guy. Hell appreciate that you know that.

Invest in a Mans Watch
Upgrade Your Scent
Find a manly Concealer
Chose bolde Sock but not a crazy Sock
Match Your Shoe Belt and Accessories
Moisturizer with SPF Every Day
Tailor Your Clothing all of it
Groom Your Hair EveryWhere
Find Good Suit and wear it
Step Up Your Shoe Care
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