ways to look better instantly

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Groom Your Hair EveryWhere

Ways to look better Instantly

Groom Your Hair EveryWhere

Yes, everywhere.Eyebrows, Ears, Nose, Back, Chest, Balls... Im not saying you need to shave and trim everything away. There is not one formula that works for all guys, but the vast majority of men can benefit from simply being aware and on top of unnecessary or unsightly hair. As we age, hair starts getting in the way of things. Amending our routine can really make a big difference in our outward appearance. I would assume you know how to use a razor, and tweezers are pretty self explanitory, so a suggestion that will give you the most bang for your buck beyond the everyday is thePhillips Norelco MultiGroom 5100. Dont confuse this with over manscaping, just a friendly suggestion to keep it all in check.

Find Good Suit and wear it
Moisturizer with SPF Every Day
Match Your Shoe Belt and Accessories
Chose bolde Sock but not a crazy Sock
Upgrade Your Scent
Tailor Your Clothing all of it
Invest in a Mans Watch
Step Up Your Shoe Care
Groom Your Hair EveryWhere
Find a manly Concealer
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