valentines day for kids

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Valentines Day for Kids

Enjoy Valentine's Day fun with your kids this February 14.
21. special tea
A tea party takes snack time to a whole new level. Serve finger sandwiches spread with strawberry cream cheese or jam, cookies and tea, of course.
22. Share the love
Load up your table with craft paper, doilies, foils, markers, crayons and paints to create homemade Valentines to deliver to Mom or Dad, a favorite sitter, and the grandparents.
23. Have a photo shoot
This Valentines Day Photo Shoot will give you some good ideas on how to use props to mark the day. Try some fun props, such as a chalkboard, balloons, streamers, or candy.
24. Get crafty
Check out UrbanSitters Fun Valentines Day Crafts for Kids. If you need more ideas, youll love Martha Stewarts roundup.
25. enjoy after dinner
You cant go wrong with these impressive to look at, even more impressive once you bite them brownies from Smitten Kitchen. For something simpler, try Raspberry Cream Cheese Heart Tarts from Weelicious.
26. Affairs of the Heart
Valentines Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for people we love. But many of us also approach this holiday as though we are facing the fate of St. Valentine, the Christian martyr who was beheaded on February 14, giving the holiday its name.

We probably all have painful memories of at least one Valentines Day that left us full of heartache rather than joy. And these days, when we are bombarded for weeks with commercial messages insisting that love is a heart shaped box of candy, its a tough holiday to escape. As parents, we can do a lot to help our children put Valentines Day in perspective.

27. School celebrations
For many children, Valentines Day first becomes important in kindergarten. Some teachers encourage kids to make and decorate individual boxes to hold anticipated valentines. Others have a single box in which children can deposit valentines for other people. Sometimes, the holiday is used as a way of teaching children about sending and receiving mail. Time is also spent making valentines for family members. Frequently, there is a class party and great excitement as valentines are distributed.

Its an event fraught with possibilities for hurt feelings because it becomes a competitive measure of popularity. What if one child gets more valentines than anyone else? What about the kids who get only a few? What if a child doesnt get any? In the younger grades, many teachers cope with this dilemma by insisting that kids who give valentines must give them to everyone in the class.The spirit of equal opportunity valentines is the best solution for a classroom, but giving valentines to people for whom you dont have special feelings or whom you may not even like does send a confusing message to children about meaningful gift giving. You can use this broad gift giving as a way to help teach children tolerance and an appreciation of differences among their classmates.

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