valentines day fashion

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Valentines nail decals

Valentines Day Fashion

Valentine's Day inspired clothing and accessories that you wear for you day filled with love.
Valentines nail decals

20 Happy Valentines Water Slide Nail Decals that are super easy to apply WITHOUT the need to submerge them in water. You will receive two sets of 10 decals each to do your nails two times, plus two special cloths for easy application. Please select the Entire Group of decals as shown on nails or choose your favorite design. I have improved my nail art decals and made them really simple to use. No more submerging them in water. No more struggling with a wet very thin film trying to grab it and put in place. You know what I m talking about if you used old fashioned waterslide decals before. These are things of the past. My decals are goof proof, mistake proof . even a child can use them.

Valentines day tie
New gold leaves
Personalized signature necklace
Valentines nail decals
Scarf winter
Pink turban headband
Valentines hat
Rainbow glitter
Boxer shorts
Silver locket necklace
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