valentines day fashion

Rainbow glitter

Valentines Day Fashion

Valentine's Day inspired clothing and accessories that you wear for you day filled with love.
Rainbow glitter

Handmade rainbow glitter studs. Square Wood post earrings made from a fallen tree branch. Studs are topped with a coat of resin to create a glass like finish. Posts are surgical steel, so are fine for sensitive ears.

These unique studs are made from the smallest storm damaged fallen tree branches, I dont like to let even the smallest branches go to waste. My family and I go on hikes in the woods and haul back arm loads of branches. I get my chop saw out, safety goggles on and start cutting. Each piece is sanded down smooth , created and sealed with a coat of resin to give a glass like finish. I have a passion for re purposing and doing my part for our enviroment. I love to create out of found objects, so the two go hand in hand.

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