valentines day dessert recipes

Skinny frozen peanut butter pies

Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
Skinny frozen peanut butter pies

So yesterday I showed you super sinful and promised you skinny. Today, Im fulfilling that promise. I wouldnt know what its like right now to limit sugar intake; these days I start my sugar testing at 10am. I swear three day juice cleanse in March. Or two days. Okay, maybe one. #ornone But for all of you who are trying to watch what you eat and not just as it goes in your mouth, these are the perfect pies for you. Theyre a totally slimmed down version of a frozen peanut butter pie. Ive made a recipe very similar to this before, in full pie form Peanut Butter Pie which was a Weight Watchers Recipe. When I thought about re making that recipe, I decided to make these into frozen single servings. I figure that means I have to go to the freezer three times by the third one, instead of just taking a fork to the whole pie. Thats three more minutes of exercise as I walk to the garage and back.

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