valentines day dessert recipes

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Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
41. Shortbread cookies
When I kicked off my Holiday Bonanza with a Death by Chocolate Cake, I wasnt so sure if a simple shortbread should follow. I mean it is after all a humble biscuit made with nothing but butter, sugar And flour. How can it be worthy enough of a Christmas treat?? But when it came smelling incredible out of the oven, I knew this should definitely be the next recipe on Foodomania. You cannot find a simpler yet delicious treat to make during the Holiday time. Especially, if you take it up a notch and dip them all in chocolate. Shortbread is a crisp, rich And crumbly biscuit made with flour, butter and sugar. It is usually made with 1 part of sugar, 2 parts butter and 3 parts of flour.
42. Skinny frozen peanut butter pies
So yesterday I showed you super sinful and promised you skinny. Today, Im fulfilling that promise. I wouldnt know what its like right now to limit sugar intake; these days I start my sugar testing at 10am. I swear three day juice cleanse in March. Or two days. Okay, maybe one. #ornone But for all of you who are trying to watch what you eat and not just as it goes in your mouth, these are the perfect pies for you. Theyre a totally slimmed down version of a frozen peanut butter pie. Ive made a recipe very similar to this before, in full pie form Peanut Butter Pie which was a Weight Watchers Recipe. When I thought about re making that recipe, I decided to make these into frozen single servings. I figure that means I have to go to the freezer three times by the third one, instead of just taking a fork to the whole pie. Thats three more minutes of exercise as I walk to the garage and back.
43. Butter saltine toffee
We meet again. It feels a little weird to be acting normal because in the last three days Ive become a hopeless wanderer in the land of pre Christmas, running into things such as quick trips to the store for wrapping paper because somehow, some how, I did not buy enough? Its really a mystery. Add to that a failed Swedish tea ring, a sore throat sick day, and hours spent trying to track down UPS packages. WHAT IS GOING ON. And honestly, UPS, please call me. Puhleeese.

But happy times. Seriously, every time I see our tree all lit up I just get a little giddy. And when I eat handfuls of this toffee, I get a lot giddy. Its a week before Christmas and that means its time for us procrastinators to make some foolproof toffee. Did I mention that the toffee base is my two favorite Christmas things Butter and Brown Sugar? And that its topped with melted peanut butter and chocolate and then frozen into salty sweet perfection? Okay, well, Im telling you now. In the name of keeping things simple, heres a simple little visual recipe with photos of how you can make this happen in about two seconds.

44. Honey and wild blueberry smoothie
Breakfast on the go is not really my thing, you guys. Ive always been the kind of person who would forgo blow drying their hair before work in exchange for a full, warm, sit down breakfast. At the very least, toast with peanut butter and banana and some jam, with a side of coffee. And yogurt, and a few bites of last nights noodles. Eew, Im gross. You can judge me; I deserve it.

But lately, Im onto this new thing. Its called Breakfast on the Go. Have you heard of it? Bjorks been trying to teach me about it for the last 75 years and Im just now sort of getting it. I mean, my complete, warm, sit down breakfasts are still a thing. Its just time to mix it up, you know? We have this little cheap plastic cup with a screw on lid and a plastic straw, you know the kind that makes you feel like youre drinking a fountain pop but actually youre drinking something from your house? Yeah, one of those. And its perfect for this smoothie. Weve got a nize little recipe card visual today because, duh, FRIDAY. Mixin it up and getting a little crazy.

45. Vegetarian panna cotta with strawberry coulis
We as a family are big fans of panna cotta. And we have gone to great lengths to eat this Italian concoction, comprising of milk, cream and sugar along with gelatin or agar agar to set it and give it that wobbly texture.It is hard to believe that a simple dessert made with such few ingredients, primarily milk, cream and sugar, can have such a profound impact on the tastebuds.
46. Potato chip cookies
I assure you, potato chips in cookies is not weird. In fact, Im considering the possibility of a lot of things in cookies. Like pretzels. marshmallows. candy bars. cake crumbs. gravy. Ok. now that may be weird. But we wont know until we try them out right? ; These Potato Chip Cookies are mildly salty, mostly sweet and a very interesting treat to surprise your friends And family around the holiday season or anytime, really.
47. Oreo smores
Whether all those people appreciate the hard work that goes into every dish of mine is secondary. As long as I see them with a big smile whilst devouring a slice of my brownie or a piece of cake, Im quite satisfied. But not all the treats I make necessarily involve a lot of hard work. Take these Smoreos for example. From start to finish, it takes 2 minutes.
48. Instant chocolate mousse
This mousse tastes like delicious air. Such is the awesomeness of this almost intangible delight that you can forgive yourself for making this again and again and again.This recipe is egg free. But it does call for Marshmallows. Now, the regular marshmallows you get in any general store isnt vegetarian. It is made with gelatin. If youre okay with that, then no worries. If not, what you can do is go to a vegan specialty store and purchase those marshmallows, order them from Amazon OR make them yourselves at home tutorial coming up soon.
49. Ice cream cake bars
I dont really have to describe the recipe as you already know what is coming. And dont look too much into the name either. You can call this an Ice Cream Pie and be done with it or you couldnt go for a detailed naming like Fudge Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Bars. Ehh well, I kept it simple.
50. Chip cookie sandwich
Theres Nutella in between the cookies AND inside the cookie batter. I mean.. IN the cookie batter. Yep, the whole thing is loaded with so much nutella that I feel I could be the brand ambassador of this delightful chocolate hazlenut paste.

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