valentines day dessert recipes

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Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
31. Coconut cookies
Are you one of those who only like Chocolate Chip Cookies? I hope not because I think these Coconut Cookies will blow your mind figuratively of course. Im really doing nothing different here, except add some freshly grated coconut in the cookie dough. But the effect it has on the end product truly makes it delicious and worthy enough of being shared as a new recipe.
32. Fudgemallow cookies
These cookies are sort of like smores, fudge, cookies all put together in one. I stole borrowed the name for this new recipe from Wonkas Fudgemallow delight. It just felt right, you know. Use good quality chocolate and marshmallows in a cookie dough and youve got yourself a great new kind of cookie. And the way marshmallow melts and browns up is simply a pleasure to watch through the ovens doors.
33. Molten caramel mug cake
Correct me if I am wrong. But if there is anything sweet that can give chocolate a run for its money, it is caramel. There is something so sinfully delicious about caramel that makes me wanna experiment recipes with it over and over again. With this recipe, you can make a molten, gooey caramel cake whenever you desire. Just think You leave your loved one alone for 5 minutes and come back with this hot delicious mug cake. Can you imagine the sweet surprise on their face? Instant mood booster, I tell ya.
34. Eggless strawberry ice cream
When I started blogging, I asked my sister if she had anything specific for me to post and she wanted me to post ice cream. I told her that I do not have an ice cream maker and did not plan on getting one due to the lack of space in the cabinets. Fast forward a year and when I saw the recipe in JeyashrisKitchen that does not need an ice cream maker, I knew I had to make it. It worked out perfectly since strawberries are in season now. The ice cream tasted delicious and it was a breeze to make. I invited my friends over and they loved it too. It was rich, creamy and had a texture to it rather than the milky version I am used to.
35. Microwave caramel sauce
Butter, Brown Sugar, Condensed Milk, Fresh Cream, Salt. Thats all you need. These are usually ingredients youll have on hand, especially during the Holidays. And even if you dont, these are easily available at every supermarket. Since this microwave caramel sauce recipe requires minimal supervision, you can just as easily have multiple things going on at the same time unlike the traditional method of making Caramel Sauce. You dont need any special skill to make this caramel sauce, so stop making excuses.
36. Pineapple mango vitamin
Im blessed to live in San Diego, and its been in the mid 70s the past few days during the middle of the day. It still gets cold enough at night that we have to turn the heat on, but for a few glorious hours in the middle of the day, its picture perfect. Thats when I run or do yoga and after a hard workout, I dont like heavy things but need something to recharge.
37. Best vegan blueberry muffins
The muffins are fast and easy to make, no mixer required. They were inspired by the Fluffy Vegan Coconut Oil Banana Muffins. In many vegan quickbreads and muffins, bananas behave like eggs, binding, fluffing, and moistening the batter, and here a very ripe avocado does the same. I love banana bread and banana anything, but not everyone does, and kept them out. I also wanted true blueberry muffins, not banana blueberry.
38. Peanut butter cheese ball pops
My peanut butter football dip is one of my most popular recipes. I mean, how could it not be? Its peanut butter and sugar and all things good. When I saw cheese ball pops in, I think either Family Fun recently, I knew immediately that I had to make my football dip into cheese ball pops. These pops are a basic mixture of cream cheese, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and graham cracker crumbs. Theyre rolled in sprinkles and then made into a pop with a pretzel stick. Easiest dessert EVER. Theyre perfect for Christmas, or even New Years Eve. There is nothing about these cheese ball pops that arent fabulous. Youll be thanking me in about an hour, or less. Because thats how long its going to take you to make a plate of these.
39. Chocolate truffle bites
People seem to love quick recipes. So stupendous was the response to my molten caramel mug cake yesterday, that I decided to follow it up with another super quick treat. These Chocolate Truffle Bites take barely 10 minutes of your time, unless you wanna make about a 100 of them. and another few hours in the freezer. I truly adore this recipe. Not a surprise, considering the number of quick recipes I share frequently. These are nothing but cookies And nutella in a different form, but because you take the trouble of making them differently, people love it even more.
40. Death by Chocolate Cake
You are looking at about half a kilo of chocolate there. Chocolate cakes, chocolate truffle, chocolate ganache, chocolate candies.all put together in one recipe. I could go on and on about how divine this creation is, but Im not going to. I dont think I need to, because the name says it all. Death by Chocolate. A cake so rich in Chocolate that youd feel like youve died and gone to heaven with just a tiny slice of it.

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