valentines day dessert recipes

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7 cup barfi

Valentines Day Dessert Recipes

The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
7 cup barfi

Today I am going to share a delicious Indian sweet with all of you. Unlike most recipes, the name of this sweet is derived from the amount of ingredients used rather than the type of ingredients. If you look at the recipe, youll find that we use a total of 7 cups of ingredients. Smart, eh? You could call this an Indian version of fudge. Rich, gluten free, melt in your mouth delicious, this 7 cup Barfi totally wins brownie points from anyone who tastes it.

Vegetarian panna cotta with strawberry coulis
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Nutty chocolate brownies
Banana cake with peanut butter frosting
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Peanut butter cookie dough balls
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Double chocolate brownies
Mixed berry shortcake
Milk cheese cupcakes
Eggless molten lava cake
Stewed strawberries
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