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Sunil Gavaskar

Top Cricket Commentators

Sunil Gavaskar

The legendary Indian batsman, Sunil Gavaskar has been one of the finest cricketers of the country. As a cricketer, his popularity knew no limits and as a commentator today, the case stands quite similar. He has been a commentator for many years now and once a master blaster on the cricket field, he is now a master of the commentary box. Sunil Gavaskar has been associated with some Asian media channels and is seen regularly commentating during matches played by India.

Sunil Gavaskars commentary has occasionally been controversial, yet liked by his fans. He gives an honest account of the happenings on field and seldom shies away from criticizing a bad performance. What makes his commentary even more popular is the combination of seriousness and lightheartedness. While he speaks in an authoritative tone a much expected trait of such a senior cricketer, he never fails to entertain the listener with his excerpts about his own playing experiences. offers information on Sunil Gavaskar and other famous cricket commentators.

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