tips to succeed in an interview

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Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.
21. Make your long stories short
While it is understandable that you need to sell yourself, overdoing it with long conversations that usually get offtopic isnt going to impress your interviewer but on the contrary is going to annoy her or him. Keep your answers short and simple but with valuable content. Be attentive and listen first to what the interviewer has to say before you answer and never interrupt her or him before she or he has finished what was saying.
22. Ask Questions
It is almost a common procedure at the end of every interview for the interviewer to ask if you have any questions to ask. Most of the times, this is an awkward situation for the interviewee because she or he doesnt know how to react. See it as an opportunity and ask sensible questions and address concerns that you may have in mind but avoid asking issues you have already discussed about, except if you need further clarifications about a specific issue, and also avoid asking questions that are obvious. Ask questions about the company and also about the job position you have applied for.
23. Follow up
Usually, the interviewer informs you about when to expect a notification. If not, dont be afraid to ask when you will be notified, asking also if it is ok to call them to follow up, in case you dont hear from them. This is a good way to avoid limiting yourself with waiting for an answer for that job, while you may want to contact other companies that have called you up or they expect you to give them an answer. If the turnaround time has already lapsed, call up the HR department to ask about your application.
24. Know the basics
There are only three main questions an interviewer wants to ask
Can you do the job?
Will you do the job?
Will you fit in?
Structuring your planning around these three areas, will help you to cover the most crucial issues likely to be covered during the interview, and give you the chance to prepare your key statements and responses to market yourself most effectively.
Can you do the job?
Questions in this area are intended to probe your background. It is unlikely you would have been invited for interview if your qualifications and experience on paper did not match the criteria for the job. Most interviewers therefore will spend about 15% of the interview on this area.
25. Always arrive 20 minutes early
This will ensure that you are not nervous and will give you plenty of time to prepare.
26. Make up your mind to try and smile
Smile through the interview because this is your final examination, you are not going to get the opportunity for a rain check, and therefore, you are going to get that job if your life depended on it.
27. Be sure you are well groomed
Men Avoid colouring your hair to make a good impression. There is nothing worse than a man trying to pass off as a younger man.Women You can mostly get away with it it is sometimes even recommended.
28. Talk about your achievements
How your involvement saved or made the company money, reduced expenses, solved problems, saved time, trained users, show value to your employer.
29. Exude confidence
You are the expert on what you have done. dont be shy about your abilities.
30. Testing
Many firms require a psychological test, or a series of such tests, as part of the application procedure. The tests most commonly used are those that indicate intelligence or general aptitude. In addition, some firms use tests that give them information on specific aptitudes, personality traits, and interest patterns.
If you are a recent school graduate, you are probably used to taking tests. But if you have been away from school for some years, you may be apprehensive about the testing process. You may fear that your test scores will not reflect your real ability to do a job. Dont let tests scare you off. None of the commonly used tests require advance preparation; you need not feel concerned over not having crammed the night before.

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