tips to succeed in an interview

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Tips to succeed in an Interview

Job search techniques change, the labour market changes and job descriptions change.
11. Making an impression
It is often said that the interviewer makes up their mind within 30 seconds of you walking through the door and then spends the rest of the interview justifying that decision. Behavioural psychologists call it the halo or horns effect.
12. Advice on asking questions
Always have some questions ready for the interviewer it looks bad if you have not prepared at least a couple of questions. It is best not to ask detailed questions about terms and conditions until you have been offered the job. Instead, try to ask about things that will show your keenness for the position.
13. Answering difficult interview questions
Try to anticipate the less obvious questions you may be asked about your skills and achievements and reinforce your replies by giving tangible examples. If you need a moment to think about your response, do not be afraid to respond with thats a very interesting question, I would like a moment to think about that, or ask the question to be repeated.
Answer questions as directly as possible, dont be tempted to waffle. Techniques, such as the STAR technique can help you with this. The idea is to try and impart as much information as you can about what you have done and how you can contribute, so make sure that you have quantifiable evidence to back up your answers.
14. Plan Your Professional outfit
The night before the interview day, it is always good to plan what you are going to wear. It need not be expensive clothing; just something neat, formal and professionallooking is enough. Make sure, however, that you feel comfortable in what you are going to wear and you dont feel like being a soul in somebody elses body. Keep your clothing style as modest as possible and make sure you avoid wearing too may accessories and overdoing it. Neutral color are the best choice for playing safe and a few pieces pearl or silver jewelry, for the women, will do. Model your total look, from your hairstyle to your shoes, the night before, standing in front of a fulllength mirror. And when the big day comes, use a breath freshener just before the interview, because part of the good first impression is also your fresh breath.
15. Make a list
Create a checklist with all the necessary things you have to prepare and to bring with you in the interview. Remember to bring an extra resume, just in case the interviewer asks for it even though you have already submitted one. Also, keep a pen and paper handy, because you may need to write something.
16. Make a research
Before going to the interview make a research on the company. Check out their website to see information such as how long they have been in the business what is the structure of the company, its nature and everything else you need to know to make you feel comfortable while talking with the interviewer and be able to answer questions, in a professional way, showing you have a familiarity with the company. If the interviewer asks something you dont know about the company, be honest and say you dont know the answer and dont make up stories.
17. Be on Time
Arrive ten to fifteen minutes earlier in order to have time to relax and reduce your anxieties and worries.
18. Give a smile to everyone
Smile at everyone who greets you while you are on your way to the building and while waiting for the interview to start. Youll never know if one of the persons you will bump into is your interviewer. And after all, being nice can only bring positive outcomes.
19. Be Considerate and Courteous
When its your time to be interviewed, be sure your cell phone is turned off or in silent mode. Extend a handshake and wait till you are asked to take a seat before sitting down.
20. Be Confident
Feel good about yourself and remember that you are there because your potential employer has seen something in you that would assist the companys interests. So this is a reason to feel confident already. As long as you know what you have written in your resume, and everything reflects the truth, you dont have to feel insecure. Now its your chance to prove to them that they made the right decision to call you for an interview and as a consequence to hire you. Learn to market yourself and remember that your product to promote and sell is you. And what is the best way to market a product? Believing in its value first! So believe in your own value as professional and support it with confidence.

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