tips to get ready for new year

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Tips to get ready for New Year

The calendar year just begun or about to begin.Happy New Year , New Years Day .

We need as much energy as possible to create big ideas that will have big impact and then move mountains to make them happen. But this can not occur unless you get rid of the tolerations in your life (at work and at home) and free up some energy.Tolerations are anything that are bug you and drain you of your energy. They can be as simple as a button missing from your shirt or a pile of holiday things you have not yet put away. Or they can be really big like where you live or the job you are in. One of my clients is dealing with the last two and is now moving houses and has a clear plan on finding her ideal job that will play to her strengths and passions! Its very difficult to become a strategic influencer in your world if you do not have your own ducks lined up first.Your challenge: Make a list of every toleration you have (do not be freighted if it takes a whole page or more) and then commit to tackling the first 5 this week.

Stick to It
Do not forget to adjust your feng shui
Get Organized
Spend Less Save More
Lose Weight
Make a Pros and Cons List
Lady in Red
Paint Your Nails
Implement the NoComplainingRule
Have a Plan
Be Prepared for Lapses
Take It Slow
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