tips to get ready for new year

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Build Rocks in Your Schedule

Tips to get ready for New Year

The calendar year just begun or about to begin.Happy New Year , New Years Day .
Build Rocks in Your Schedule

Take a look at the big picture this year and start building your schedule in a systematic way. You do not even need focus areas or goals yet to do this step but if you do, you can work these in too. Batch items in your calendar around meetings, appointments, email, strategic thinking, and catch-up time. Now block off some time daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to represent these times. Give yourself some time each week (ideally a ? day to 1 day) preferably at the same time to get some strategic thinking ,work done and to play catch up from your hectic schedule. Also think about vacation days and wellness days throughout the year and block those in your calendar.Challenge: Start by putting rocks in your schedule for year. See if you can batch more things together to free up chunks of time. Be BOLD with your time and how you spend it!

Pluck Your Eyebrows
Have a good day
Visit your relatives and friends
Use Reliable Resources
Sweet Year
Educate yourself
Interact with others in a positive manner
Take a morning walk of gratitude
Take It Slow
Dress for the occasion
Get Organized
after new year party before you go to bed complete the following statements
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