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Bow Tie Knot

Tie Knots

Bow Tie Knot

A Bow Tie Knot is used to tie a bow tie and is worn to give you a formal and elegant appearance. An event that you would commonly wear a bow tie at, along with a tuxedo would be an occasion such as a wedding.The proper size should never be broader than the widest part of your neck and should never extend past the tips of the shirt collar. Many variants of a bow tie are found, such as the Butterfly, Diamond Point, Batwing or the most popular Classic bow tie.

One Tip Up Fold
Windsor Tie Knot
Simple Tie Knot
Unique & Sophisticated Fold
Onassis Tie Knot
Half Windsor Tie Knot
Small Tie Knot
Christensen Tie Knot
Bow Tie Knot
Balthus Tie Knot
Atlantic Tie Knot
Double Tie Knot
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