the top 15 manliest movies ever made

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The Top 15 Manliest Movies Ever Made

1. Spartacus
Directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus was his fourth major studio film, but what many film critics to be his first truly great movie. The Kirk Douglas lead film of the 70 BC slave uprising against the Roman empire was grand in scope and vision, and became the archetype for all historical dramas that came after it.
2. Starship Troopers
Is there any director more manly than Paul Verhoeven? (Maybe Paul Schrader, but thats a debate for another time) Based on Robert A. Heinleins juvenile (thats what they used to call YA novels back in the day, kids) novel of the same name, Starship Troopers is equal parts action movie and social satire, albeit its a very sneaky social satire that most casual viewers wont pick up on. (If youre familiar with Nazi propaganda films youll catch onto it fairly quickly) The story of three childhood friends played by Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards (Go ahead and ignore her and just pretend shes a really pretty man), and Neil Patrick Harris who join Earths military invasion of an alien planet for nothing other than the fact that humans find the aliens living there really, really scary is a pure adrenaline and testosterone rush of extended, laser filled battle scenes.
3. Gladiator
Here come the gladiators again! (Yeah, theyll be making more than a few appearances on this list). Ridley Scotts Academy Award winning epic is far from Scotts best effort as a director (I think that we can all agree that Blade Runner has that title tied up), or Russell Crowes best moment as an actor (Personally, Im of the opinion the academy simply felt guilty about passing him over for both L.A. Confidential and The Insider), but what it lacked in substance it more than made up for in action. The story of the betrayal and enslavement of the much beloved Roman general, Maximus, by the wicked son of Marcus Aurelius, Commodus (played by a barely there Joaquin Phoenix), is stacked with so many battle scenes that its sure to grow more than a few hairs on your chest.
4. Braveheart
Who likes revisionist history as much as I do? Obviously if you enjoy most of the historical films on this list, you really dont mind the filmmakers fudging up actual facts a little bit. But, really, who cares as long as theres nonstop action! And Mel Gibsons Academy Award winning film of the short, violent Scottish uprising against the English throne led by William The Pretender Wallace is the epitome of nonstop action and constant male bonding. What sets Braveheart apart from most of the films on this list is the epic, extremely graphic battle scenes, all of which were painstakingly directed using hundreds of extras by Mel Gibson. No, Braveheart is far from historically accurate, but thanks to Gibsons keen eye for wholesale blood and violence, youll be far too wrapped up in the battle scenes to actually care about the story.
5. 300
More gladiators! The film based off of Frank Millers ridiculously over the top graphic novel was the perfect for director Zack Snyders over the top, CGI rich filming style. The story of 300 spartans defending their nation against a barbarian horde of thousands launched what seems like thousands of other stop motion action film (along with spawning one of the worst sequels ever made) imitators. Much like Braveheart, Snyder was far from concerned from presenting the time period with a sort of historical accuracy, but instead focused on keeping the audiences blood pumping with adrenaline.
6. Shaft
Hes one bad mother Shut your mouth! The granddaddy of the socalled blacksploitation films is an absolutely terrible film. But its terrible in that quirky way film buffs like. You know, its goofy, grandiose bad, but not badbad. Shaft is a private detective in the same vein as Mickey Spilanes Mike Hammer. Hes a take no prisoners, take no sh*t kind of man that all the ladies love. And much like Spilanes novels, Shaft is chock full of obvious plot holes and overthetop action.
7. The Clash Of The Titians
I swear this is the last gladiator film on the list. Ill be blunt, Clash Of The Titians is not a good film. The acting is stiff, the script is lackluster, and the monsters all look like they were all crafted out of playdough. But theres just something about it that gets you blood pumping, especially when Sir Laurence Oliver trumpets, Release the Kraken!
8. True Grit
You cant not include a John Wayne film on a list of the manliest movies of all time. and while True Grit isnt exactly Waynes finest moment as an actor (Yeah, I know, I know, they gave him an Oscar for it. But, really, they gave it to him for all the MILLIONS of dollars his movies made for the film industry), but you cant help but get a chill down your spine whenever you hear the line: Thats bold talk for a oneeyed fat man!
9. The Good The Bad and The Ugly
You could really include any of Sergio Leones socalled spaghetti westerns on this list. But the cast of Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach simply exudes machismo and dread with each frame. The story of rival bounty hunters joining forces to track down stolen confederate army gold is an intense ride. Plus, you get to see Clint Eastwood take on an entire army of bandits with a canon.
10. The French Connection
What makes The French Connection so manly? Two things: Steve McQueen and Gene Hackman. And really, that should be enough of an explanation for you to consider this classic film of two New York city cops attempting to thwart the European drug trade. But if you need a bit more reason, all you need to do is watch the car chase scene midway through the film.

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