the crazy and pick up trucks

USAF A 10 Monster truck

The Crazy and Pick Up Trucks

Holden is calling time on the pick-up truck that defined a nation.
USAF A 10 Monster truck

The US air force isn t known for its softly, softly approach so this gloriously over the top A 10 Monster Truck shouldn t come as too much of a surprise. The vehicle was created for an air force recruitment drive and is intended to resemble the A10 C Thunderbolt Warthog combat jet that s seen in the background.

Features include fake missiles, a front mounted machine gun and jet engines bolted on to the sides. On launching the vehicle in 2012, spokesperson Captain Heath Allen revealed that audio from the A 10 s 30mm Gatling gun will be made available in a cell phone ring tone as well. Can you think of a worse ringtone? Answers on a postcard

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