teddy day

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Teddy Day

Time for you to send a teddy that 'bears' your love to your friends and loved ones.
31. Tea bears
Provide the children with precut bear shapes. Have the children apply glue to the shape and then sprinkle crushed tea leaves onto the bear shape.
32. Brown bag bears
Provide each child with a brown grocery bag. Have the child fill the bag with newsprint and seal shut with glue or staples. Have the children add facial features and ears.
33. Collage bears
Provide the children with bear shaped paper and a variety of different materials to glue onto the bear. After the project is dry, this could be an excellent sensory activity. How does each material feel?
34. Bear match
Find some stickers with teddy bears on them, or kinds of bears. Make sure you have at least two of each kind of sticker. Place two of each sticker on its own index card. Have the children pick out one card. Then find its match.
35. Teddy bear counting
There is an awesome game out on the market. I saw it at a child care. then I found it at Target. Its 50 plastic counting bears. There are 5 different colors, with matching colored cups for sorting. My son loves them. The strange thing is I found them near the Art, with crayola markers and stickers and stuff.not in the toy aisle. I threw away the box. So if anyone knows the name of the company please drop me a line.
36. Bear colors
Place colored bear shapes on the left side of a piece of tagboard. Write the corresponding color name on the right side of the tagboard. Laminate and cut using a zig zag pattern. Repeat with a variety of colors. Children match the bears with the corresponding colors. Variation Place colored bear shapes on the left, and the number of bears on the right.
37. Hungry bear
To create this bear use two pieces of bear shaped card stock paper. Cut a hole for the mouth and bell in one of the shapes. Decorate this shape, color, add facial features. Laminate both pieces. Recut the hole for the mouth. Attach velcro pieces as shown to create a stomach for the bear. Children can then feed the bear with laminated food shapes.
38. Bean bag toss
Supply the children with bear bean bags and a laundry basket. Place a piece of masking tape on the floor for a throw line. the distance from the basket to the line should vary with abilities. Have the children throw the bean bags into the basket.
39. Bear bowling
Obtain 10 half gallon milk cartons, or 2 liter bottles. Fill the bottles about 1 8 full with water and seal the lid. Then, decorate the bottles like bears, adding construction paper ears, and use permanent markers for the eyes and nose. Set the bottles up like they were bowling pins and have the children roll a ball to try to knock them over. If they dont knock over easily remove some of the water.
40. Musical bear
Cut out large bear shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor. It is best for younger children to have more bears than children. Play music and have the children walk around the room. When the music stops each child needs to find an bear to stand on.

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