teddy day

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Teddy Day

Time for you to send a teddy that 'bears' your love to your friends and loved ones.
21. Teddy bear art
Draw a teddy bear shape on a piece of paper. Have the children color their bear brown with crayons. Variations allow the children to use paint, glitter, shaving cream mixed with paint or torn paper to decorate their bear. For added bear definition cut out the bear shape.
22. Teddy bear sponge painting
Supply the children with teddy bear shaped sponges and paint. Have the child dip the sponge into the paint and press gently onto a piece of paper.
23. Teddy bear rubbings
Cut Teddy Bear shapes from paper doilys or sandpaper. Tape these Teddy Bear to the table. Have the children place a piece of thin white paper over the Teddy Bear and rub a crayon over the Teddy Bear.
24. Cookie cutter painting
Put a small amount of tempera paint in a large shallow container. A pie tin works well Show your child how to dip the cookie cutter in the paint and press onto a piece of paper to create a print. You may make teddy bear pictures by using bear cookie cutters and colored paper.
25. Sticker art
For a very simple art project, supply the children with a piece of paper and stickers. For younger children this provides an excellent fine motor activity.
26. Bear puppets
Supply each child with a paper lunch bag, brown paper, googly eyes, a black marker and pipe cleaners. Have the children cut the brown paper into ear shapes and glue onto the bottom of the bag. Use the pipe cleaners for whiskers and eyes for eyes and draw on the mouth and nose.
27. Bear necklaces
Cut out bear shapes from construction paper. Then, have them use a hole punch to make a hole, so they can thread them onto a piece of yarn.
28. Jointed bears
Have the children cut out a bears body, two arms, two legs and a head. Attach each of the parts to the body with a metal fastener so the parts can rotate. Decorate as desired.
29. Bear cave
The children start by cutting out a hole from a shoe box on one of the sides. The box is then covered with a grocery bag in a hap hazzard manner. Sticks, yarn and other materials can be added.
30. Cinnamon bears
Provide the children with precut bear shapes. Have the children apply glue to the shape and then sprinkle cinnamon onto the bear shape for a scented bear.

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