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Burning or Oxidation:
In estimating the quantity of air necessary to keep a room well aired, we must take into account the number of lights (electric lights do not count) to be used, and the number of people to occupy the room. The average house should provide at the minimum 600 cubic feet of space for each person, and in addition, arrangements for allowing at least 300 cubic feet of fresh air per person to enter every hour.

In houses which have not a ventilating system, the air should be kept fresh by intelligent action in the opening of doors and windows; and since relatively few houses are equipped with a satisfactory system, the following suggestions relative to intelligent ventilation are offered.

1. Avoid drafts in ventilation.

2. Ventilate on the sheltered side of the house. If the wind is blowing from the north, open south windows.

The Wedge
Artificial Fertilizers
Welding of Metals
Fuel Value
The Ear
The Weight of the Air
Red a Warm Color
A Battery of Cells

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