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Advances in Telegraphy
Modern Electrical Inventions:
The mechanical improvements in telegraphy have been so rapid that at present a single operator can easily send or receive forty words a minute. He can telegraph more quickly than the average person can write; and with a combination of the latest improvements the speed can be enormously increased. Recently, 1500 words were flashed from New York to Boston over a single wire in one second.

In actual practice messages are not ordinarily sent long distances over a direct line, but are automatically transferred to new lines at definite points. For example, a message from New York to Chicago does not travel along an uninterrupted path, but is automatically transferred at some point, such as Lancaster, to a second line which carries it on to Pittsburgh, where it is again transferred to a third line which takes it farther on to its destination.

Irrigation and Drainage
The Source of Water
The Individuality of Instruments
How Sound is Produced
Advances in Telegraphy
The Structure of the Ear
Why the Image seems to be behind the Mirror
Indirect Dyeing

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