rules to play soccer

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Think about moving off the ball

Rules to play Soccer

Think about moving off the ball

Some estimates say that professional soccer players run 6 to 8 miles (9.7 to 12.9 km) during a 90 minute game.Thats a lot of running. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that a lot of the running youll be doing is when you dont have the ball. Learn how to get into open space, how to run to where to your teammate expects or wants you to be, and how to run past a defender whos guarding you.

Lines men and women
Get comfortable heading the ball
Think about moving off the ball
your playing style
Learn how to pass
Learn how to use your non dominant foot
Ball in or Out of play
Soccer Fouls
Scoring a Goal
Drop balls and kick offs
Know the grounds for a yellow card
Learn how to defend
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