rules to play soccer

Know the grounds for a red card

Rules to play Soccer

Know the grounds for a red card

A red card can be given out before a yellow card if especially dangerous play is involved, although a red card usually results from two yellow cards. Reasons for red cards include
Kicking a player intentionally.
Jumping up at a player and making contact.
Charging a player in a rough way, especially if hands are involved.
Charging a player from behind.
Tripping a player.
Hitting, pushing, holding, or spitting at a player.
Handling the ball by a non goalie.

Think about moving off the ball
Learn how to defend
Learn how to use your non dominant foot
Soccer Fouls
Field of Play
Duration of Match
Learn how to pass
Know how to shoot
Ball in or Out of play
Equipment for Players
Drop balls and kick offs
Fouls and Misconduct
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