rules to play soccer

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Know how to shoot

Rules to play Soccer

Know how to shoot

If youre really close to the goal and all you need is accuracy, you can shoot using the sweet spot of the inside of your shoe, like a pass, but usually, youre going to be farther away and will need power as well as accuracy,of course.Set your planter foot and aim the toe of the planter foot to where you want the shot to travel and always have a slight look at the target before you shoot.You dont have to get much of a running start, but you do want to bring your foot back, bending it as you do in order to get more power.

Hit the ball on the middle laces of your shoe, with your foot pointed down at the ground. Keep your foot pointed down at the ground as you follow through.Use your hips to swing through the ball. Bring your foot across your body if necessary to generate even more power. This should cause both feet to lift from the ground.

Understand throw ins
Lines men and women
Referees and the Soccer Rules
Number of Players
Corner Kicks
Duration of Match
Know how to shoot
Free Kick
Learn how to use your non dominant foot
Type of Ball
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Equipment for Players
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