rules to play roller skating

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Rules to play Roller Skating


Points are scored as follows A jammer receives one point for every member of the opposing team he or she passes, every time he or she laps the pack. If a blocker commits a foul on a jam skater, the jam skater will be awarded the point that he or she is attempting to score. If, in the opinion of the referee, there is a deliberate penalty against a jammer to prevent that skater from scoring, and this jam would determine the games outcome, the official may award up to 5 points on the jam. The determining factor would be the score differential at the time of the jam. The injured teams score could not be raised higher than the fouling opponent.
A skater forced into the infield may not better the position he was in when he left the track.A skater receiving a penalty becomes ineligible to either score or be scored upon.A fouled skater cannot be passed for a point unless he o she has had sufficient time to recover form the foul.No jam can be considered a legal jam with more than five skaters on the track from each team.A skater with skate trouble cannot be passed for a point.

The Game
Ending the Jam
Walling Up
Concluding A Jam
Artistic Competition
The Diamond
The Whip
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