rules to play roller skating

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Rules to play Roller Skating


There are PENALTIES consisting consisting of one and two minutes that may force a team, to skate shorthanded.There will be two penalties, a major and a minor.A minor penalty will be one minute duration from the time the skater enters the penalty box and will be called at the discretion of the referee for
Illegal blocking
Illegal use of hands
Other minor fouls.
A major penalty is two minutes and will be called at the discretion of the referees for
Fighting, and intentional roughness.
Deliberate and excessive insubordination.
Gross unsportsmanlike conduct
A major penalty calling for expulsion from the game will be called at the discretion of the referee. If a player is ejected from the game his or her team receives a twominute penalty.If a player does not leave the track immediately or interferes with the remainder of the field he or she will receive an additional oneminute penalty.If a skaters penalty overlaps into the following period, ANY member of the opposite sex taking the track must serve out the balance of the penalty time.
No more than two players on any team can be in the box at one time. If a third player or more is penalized, the player or players committing the offence must leave the track and be replaced by a substitute. The penalized skater will begin serving his time when one of the skaters in the penalty box returns to the track. At such time, the substitute will return to the bench.

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