rules to play roller skating

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Rules to play Roller Skating

21. Other Strategies
A newly developed Western Style strategy has been developed in which a blocker who bumps the opposing jammer off the track skates backwards, forcing the jammer to reenter further behind the pack.
22. Safety concerns
Since roller derby is a contact sport, there is a risk of injury.Injuries range from common bruises and sprains to broken bones and concussions and beyond. As is the case with many sporting events and other large public gatherings, modern roller derby games are required to be played with EMTs on hand.Some leagues prominently display their injuries,and safety and injuries are a perennial topic on skating blogs and other forums.
23. Expansion
Although the early 2000s revival of roller derby was initially allfemale, some leagues later introduced allmale teams and coed games. Furthermore, as of May 2013 there were over 140 junior roller derby programs in the United States, and many more around the world. Despite being viewed by some as risqu
24. Facilities
The ideal competitive surface is rectangular and at least 21.336 meters (70 feet) wide by 51.816 meters (170 feet) long. A sound system is needed for singles and dance competitions. For singles, cassette tape recorders or CD players are needed. For dance, the meet director may select records, tapes, CDs or organ music.
25. Artistic Competition
The range of events is intended to offer competition opportunities for athletes of all abilities. Programs may determine the events offered and, if required, guidelines for the management of those events. Coaches are responsible for providing training and event selection appropriate to each athlete

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