rules to play lacrosse

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Learn to pass

Rules to play Lacrosse

Learn to pass

Passing is critical in Lacrosse. Its used to move the ball up field, catch your opponent out of position while hitting a teammate for an assist, or just getting yourself out of pressure. In order to pass the ball Lower your dominant hand down to just above the center of the shaft. Keep your non dominant hand close to the bottom of the shaft. Bring the shaft of your stick back by twisting your shoulders toward your dominant side. Dont let it hook around your neck.Keeping the head next to your ear, and using a straight motion, flick the wrist of your top hand while pulling your bottom hand towards you. Make sure to follow through with the motion. A proper motion will see the top of the shaft move directly over the bottom of the shaft in a straight line.

Know the positions of lacrosse
Nice and snug
Learn how to catch
Hold the stick in the proper way
Understand that the mens and womens
Know the basic play
Lacrosse positions
Learn to read the field and know when to move off the ball
Understand the object of the game
How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet
Lacrosse Helmet maintenance
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