rules to play lacrosse

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Lacrosse equipment

Rules to play Lacrosse

Lacrosse equipment

The rules of lacrosse for boys and girls are very different and require much different types of pads equipment.The boys wear a lot of protective gear that is required that include a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and mouth guard. Suggested equipment include a cup, cleats (soccer, football, or lacrosse) and any athletic gear you are comfortable wearing. Despite what many people think you do not wear anything on your legs. Every player is required to have a stick that meet the approved specifications.The girls wear eye protection and a mouth guard. Other then that, they can wear hand protection but it is not required since there is far less contact then the boys. Every girl needs a girls lacrosse stick which have different requirements then the boys.

Practice your ground balls
Understand possession and offsides
How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet
Know the positions of lacrosse
Learn to pass
Lacrosse equipment
After each goal
Hold the stick in the proper way
Assess penalties
Learn how to defend
Cradle and shoot with both hands
Understand that the mens and womens
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