rules to play lacrosse

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How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet

Rules to play Lacrosse

How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet

Lacrosse helmets are designed to protect the players heads from injury, but just like anything else in this life, they only work properly if they fit properly. They have hard plastic on the outside with padding on the inside. A chin strap makes sure that it stays on your head (hopefully) without wiggling about too much, and there is a wire face mask which completely covers the players face. So, what are the key points to remember when fitting your Lacrosse helmet?

Across the brow
Understand that the mens and womens
Understand possession and offsides
Practice your ground balls
How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet
After each goal
Understand other unique rules of gameplay
Lacrosse equipment
Hold the stick in the proper way
Get your hands on a stick
Lacrosse Helmet maintenance
Know the positions of lacrosse
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