Rules to play Checkers
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Win or Draw
A player wins by either capturing all of the other players pieces or putting them into a position where they cannot move. A player can also win if the other player resigns or forfeits the game as a result of a violation of the rules. A game is declared a draw when neither player can force a win. Pask, p. 123, says that a draw can be declared any time both players agree to it. Hopper, p. 103, and Reinfeld, p. 181, say that when one side appears stronger than the other, the player with the stronger position is required to show a decided advantage within 40 of his own moves or else the game is declared a draw. These judgments are to be made by a referee. Pike, p. 113, says that the player with the weaker side may request the 40 move count of the referee. He also says that the requirement is for an increased advantage within 40 moves, rather than the decided advantage. Pask, p. 123 says that its a 50 move rule. He further refines the concept of the advantage that must be demonstrated if neither side has advanced a piece towards the king row and if no pieces have been removed from the board within 50 moves, the game is a draw. He also adds another set of conditions under which a draw can be declared A draw shall be declared if a player can demonstrate that with his next move he would create the same position for the fourth time during the game.

Game Draw Rule
Continue jumping
Jump your opponents checkers
Touching Pieces
The Board
Dont play defensively
Starting position
Win or Draw

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