river rafting

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Stay in the boat

River Rafting

Stay in the boat

This sounds like common sense, but it can happen. One minute you are in the boat and the next you are swimming next to it. When rafting, pay attention and watch for rocks coming from downstream. Your guide may use a command called Bump just before the boat hits a rock. If your guide calls out, Bump lean in while placing your paddle T grip on the floor of the boat. Make sure you still keep your hand over the grip. If the Bump command is executed correctly your blade end of the paddle will be up in the air and your fist over the grip will be on the floor of the boat. This should keep you in the boat. After the boat collides with the rock, return to your seat and be ready to paddle. If you fall out of the boat, the most important thing to do is DONT PANIC Find your boat. Most times when someone falls out of the boat they pop up right next to the boat. Grab it so you dont float away. If you are a couple of feet away from the boat, swim to the boat. If you pop up and you are far from the boat, look for other rescue options, other boats or the riverbank. Remember, there are two riverbanks for your convenience, one on either side of the river. If you are panicking you wont think about getting back to the boat and the rescue becomes more difficult. Your guide will go over this in great detail during the safety talk before the trip.

Do not raft in the dark
Be safe and comfortable Wear the protective gear
Check local regulations
Hold the paddle properly
Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day
Know the proper swimming techniques
Stay in the boat
ALWAYS listen to your guide
NEVER go rafting alone
Know the Classifications
Choose a good life jacket
Know the commands
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