river rafting

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Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day

River Rafting

Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day

In early Spring, the water may be a little chilly. Wearing a wet suit, splash jacket, and proper river shoes can make the trip much more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the thrill without the chill. Some outfitters rent this gear. A reputable outfitter will have gear for you. Find out before you book if the outfitter has gear for you. Raft Masters includes this gear as part of the package at no additional cost. On the other side of the spectrum: be prepared for sunny clear days. This can be accomplished by wearing quick drying clothing like polypro and wearing sunscreen and a cheap pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Raft Masters sells sun screen, sunglasses, and straps for your sunglasses so you dont lose them. Remember sunburns can happen fast at higher elevation and can be severe. Sunburns or hypothermia are no fun.

Do not raft in the dark
Rafting Dont
Rafting and Camping
Know the proper swimming techniques
Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day
Know the Classifications
Choose a good life jacket
Know the commands
Rafting Do
Always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device
NEVER go rafting alone
Dont drink alcohol before the trip
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