reasons you should brush your teeth

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Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth

Reasons You Should Brush Your Teeth
21. Floss
Brushing without flossing is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Sure, it ll save you a little bit of time, but in the end you die. Okay, it was a bit of a slant, but you get the point. Although your brush can clean the exposed surfaces of your teeth, much of the plaque buildup occurs between them.
22. Rinse
Your teeth compose only about 20% of your mouth, so even after brushing and flossing there s still a good amount of bacteria on your tongue, gums, and even your saliva. Seems hopeless? Not if you rinse till it burns! But just as you can fight the bacteria in the bathroom, you can also fight them in the kitchen when you
23. Eat healthy
By consuming lots of fiber you are not only contributing to the overall health of your body, but you are also stimulating the flow of saliva in your mouth which helps to remineralize your teeth when they start to decay.
24. Dont smoke
Smokers are over 4 times more likely than non smokers to get gum disease, and smokeless tobacco isn t any better. The best policy is abstinence, which brings us to our final point.
25. Be fresh
You want to be fresh? Let s just be clear you can t be fresh when your mouth is full of lethal, heart stopping bacteria. So, before you do anything else, go scrub those pearly whites.

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