precautions while using power supply

Pre servicing procedure

Precautions while using Power Supply

Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie.
Pre servicing procedure
Turn off the server and all the peripherals connected to it.
Unplug all cables from the power outlets to avoid exposure to high energy levels that may cause burns when parts are short circuited by metal objects such as tools or jewelry.
During disassembly, label each cable as you remove it, noting its position and routing.
This will make the replacement of the cables much easier, and will ensure that the cables are rerouted properly to protect the cables.
Keep all screws with the units removed. The screws used in the server may be of different thread sizes and lengths; using the wrong screw in a component could damage the unit.
If server is installed in a rack, remove server and place it on a flat surface.
Disconnect telecommunication cables to avoid exposure to shock hazard from ringing voltages.
Follow the ESD precautions when handling a server component.

Removing a Power Supply
Operating environment
Output and Ground Connections
Server warnings and cautions
Checking the Condition of the Equipment
Always Turn the Power OFF
Making Use Of a Residual Current Device
Wear the Right Clothing and Gear
AC vs DC
Use the driver power supply correctly
Never Touch the Service Wires
Pre servicing procedure
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