precautions while using power supply

Checking the Suitability Of the Equipment

Precautions while using Power Supply

Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie.
Checking the Suitability Of the Equipment
First of all, you need to check whether the electrical equipment is appropriate for the job. Make sure that the construction of the equipment makes it safe enough. Define any safety hazards that there might be and decide which is the best solution for them.It is inappropriate to use electrical equipment in a damp environment. It is a better idea if you use air powered equipment instead, or any other equipment that runs on low voltage transformers or batteries. Precautions regarding safety should be taken in a more strict way if the workplace has an explosive atmosphere due to the presence of flammable gases and aerosols.

Do not exceed the input voltage range
Operating environment
Always Turn the Power OFF
Prepare the Work Area
Never Touch the Service Wires
Esd precautions
AC vs DC
Precautions while switching ON the circuit
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