Precautions while using Power Supply
Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
AC vs DC
You may have heard some people say that AC is more dangerous than DC power, or vice versa. Rather than get into too much debate over one vs. the other both AC and DC at high voltages can be lethal. AC is considered to be more likely to cause cardiac arrest by interrupting with the electrical signals controlling the heart, but DC can cause burns and both can still kill so debating the differences is pretty academic. Just remember electricity can kill if it has sufficient voltage and current whether its AC or DC.

Output and Ground Connections
Pre servicing procedure
Power supply components
Post installation instructions
Precautions to be taken before powering the circuit
Startup and Maintenance Precautions
Precautions against Ingress of Metal Fragments

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