Precautions while using Power Supply
Precautions for Safe Use for that Product Do not touch the Product while power is being supplie.
1. Safety precautions
Read the Users Guide and other accompanying documents carefully before handling the motor, installing it in a device or operating it in order to ensure correct usage. Make sure that you have fully familiarized yourself with all the information about the motor, including safety information and precautions before using the motor. The following warnings and cautions are provided in order to ensure safe and correct usage of this product as well as to prevent injury or physical damage to you and others.
2. Grounding
Connect the ground completely. Electric shock may occur if the ground is not connected completely.
3. Operating environment
Use each Product within the rated range for ambient operating temperature, ambient operating humidity, and storage temperature specified for that Product.Use the Power Supply within the ranges specified for vibration and shock resistance.Do not use the Power Supply in locations subject to excessive amount of dust or where liquids, foreign matter, or corrosive gases may enter the interior of the Product.Install the Power Supply well away from devices that produce strong, high frequency noise and surge.Do not use the Power Supply in locations subject to direct sunlight.
4. Mounting
The installation screws can be tightened into the Power Supply only to a limited depth. Make sure that the lengths of the screws protruding into the Power Supply are within the specified dimensions.Refer to the dimensional diagrams for each model for specific dimensions.
5. Wiring
Use caution when connecting the input cable to the Power Supply. The Power Supply Unit may be destroyed if the input cable is connected to the wrong terminals. Use caution when using a model with a DC input. The Power Supply Unit may be destroyed if the polarity is reversed.

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