precautions while using pesticides

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Wash Pesticide Soiled Clothing

Precautions while using Pesticides

Pesticides are substances meant for attracting, seducing, destroying, or mitigating any pest.
Wash Pesticide Soiled Clothing

Spray clothing should be changed and washed daily. The pesticides on your clothes could harm other people who touch them. Keep pesticide soiled clothing away from the family laundry and warn the person who will be washing your spray clothes of possible dangers. The person doing the laundry should wear chemical resistant gloves. Do not allow children to play in or near the contaminated clothing. Do not dry clean pesticide contaminated clothing.

Mix only the amount that you need for each application
A pesticide poisoning
Pesticide Exposure
Personal Protective Equipment
Storage and Disposal
Inhaled poison
Protection of nonpest animals and plants
Mixing and Filling
Poison on skin
Indoor Applications
Preharvest intervals
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