precautions while using pesticides

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Managing and Controlling Common House and Garden Pests

Precautions while using Pesticides

Pesticides are substances meant for attracting, seducing, destroying, or mitigating any pest.
Managing and Controlling Common House and Garden Pests

It is up to you how much damage from a pest you will accept before trying to control it. However, before purchasing a pesticide, check on possible alternatives that may be available. Some pests may be controlled by using traps and physical barriers, or by sealing cracks and crevices that may allow pests to enter the home. You may also want to hire a pest control operator, who is licensed and familiar with alternative methods of pest control. Some provinces and municipalities have placed restrictions on what pesticides you can use (referred to as cosmetic bans), so check with your local authorities before buying or using them. Do not buy a pesticide if the packaging is visibly damaged or seems to have been tampered with. Instead report it to the vendor. If you notice damaged or defective packaging after purchase, report this as an incident to the pesticide company listed on the label, or to Health Canada.

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