precautions while using oxygen therapy

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Use in acute conditions

Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.
Use in acute conditions

Oxygen is widely used in emergency medicine, both in hospital and by emergency medical services or those giving advanced first aid. In the pre hospital environment, high flow oxygen is definitively indicated for use in resuscitation, major trauma, anaphylaxis, major haemorrhage, shock, active convulsions and hypothermia. It may also be indicated for any other patient where their injury or illness has caused hypoxaemia, although in this case oxygen flow should be moderated to achieve target oxygen saturation levels, based on pulse oximetry (with a target level of 94

Have your home ready
Do not use an extension cord
Home oxygen therapy
Keep oxygen tubing
Use caution with oxygen tubing
Patients can put a small piece of gauze
Oxygen therapy while on aircraft
Instant usage
Do not put the oxygen tubing under clothing
Storage and sources
Oxygen Equipment Safety
Filtered oxygen masks
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