precautions while using oxygen therapy

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Oxygen Equipment Safety

Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.
Oxygen Equipment Safety

Do not store your oxygen system near any heat sources or open flames. Do not expose your oxygen equipment to electrical appliances (such as electric razors, hair dryers, electric blankets, etc.). Check that all electrical equipment in the area near the oxygen is properly grounded. Keep the oxygen system away from aerosol cans or sprays, including air fresheners or hair spray. These products are very flammable. Keep the oxygen system clean and dust free. The person who delivers your oxygen will show you how to do this. Keep the oxygen system in a place where it wont get knocked over.

Storage and sources
Negative effects
Have your home ready
Stay at least 6 feet away
Use caution with oxygen tubing
Initial setup
Oxygen supply company
Be careful in the kitchen
Do not put the oxygen tubing under clothing
Home oxygen precautions
Petroleum based products
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