precautions while using oxygen therapy

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Filtered oxygen masks

Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.
Filtered oxygen masks

Filtered oxygen masks have the ability to prevent exhaled, potentially infectious particles from being released into the surrounding environment. These masks are normally of a closed design such that leaks are minimized and breathing of room air is controlled through a series of one way valves. Filtration of exhaled breaths is accomplished either by placing a filter on the exhalation port, or through an integral filter that is part of the mask itself. These masks first became popular in the Toronto (Canada) healthcare community during the 2003 SARS Crisis. SARS was identified as being respiratory based and it was determined that conventional oxygen therapy devices were not designed for the containment of exhaled particles. Common practices of having suspected patients wear a surgical mask was confounded by the use of standard oxygen therapy equipment. In 2003, the HiOx80 oxygen mask was released for sale. The HiOx80 mask is a closed design mask that allows a filter to be placed on the exhalation port. Several new designs have emerged in the global healthcare community for the containment and filtration of potentially infectious particles. Other designs include the ISO O 2 oxygen mask, the Flo2Max oxygen mask, and the O Mask. The use of oxygen masks that are capable of filtering exhaled particles is gradually becoming a recommended practice for pandemic preparation in many jurisdictions.

Oxygen safety precautions
Indications for use
Home oxygen therapy
Watch for signs of oxygen leaking from the container
Oxygen Use Precautions
Use caution with oxygen tubing
Other safety tips
Game controllers should not be used with oxygen;
Medical intervention
Oxygen supply company
Oxygen Equipment Safety
As a drug delivery route
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