precautions while using oxygen therapy

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Do not carry liquid oxygen in a backpack

Precautions while using Oxygen Therapy

safety tips for preventing accidents when using oxygen therapy.
Do not carry liquid oxygen in a backpack

Always store your oxygen equipment in a well ventilated area. An oxygen cylinder must be secured at all times; put it in a cart or lay it down flat. Do not carry liquid oxygen in a backpack or other enclosed space. Carrying cases, shoulder or hand bags, shoulder straps and backpack oxygen units are available to provide proper ventilation for the unit to ensure safety. Take precautions to avoid skin contact when filling your portable liquid oxygen tank, as frost buildup could cause injury.

Oxygen Equipment Safety
Have your home ready
As a drug delivery route
Home oxygen precautions
Oxygen Use Precautions
Oxygen safety
Check with your state or territory department
Other safety tips
Use a carrying case specifically designed for oxygen
Keep the phone number
Patients can put a small piece of gauze
Store oxygen containers
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