precautions while using bleaching

Patch test

Precautions while using Bleaching

Precautions while using Bleaching
Patch test
After selecting the type of bleach you are using you must take a patch test before applying bleach your face. Apply the bleach on a small patch of you elbow or behind you ears. Now watch if it is causing any kind of allergy or reddens on your skin. If there is any kind of allergy drop the idea of using a chemical bleach. Then you should go for natural homemade bleach for skin whitening.

Turmeric and lime juice homemade facial bleach
Sun ray exposure
Orange peels and milk cream homemade facial bleach
Lime juice and honey homemade facial bleach
Understand the research
Powdered bleach
Aloevera bleach
Clean your facial skin
Metal and bleach dont mix
Consider using hydroquinone
Use brightening creams
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