precautions while using atm machines

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Never leave your ATMtransactionslip

Precautions while using ATM Machines

The basic units allow the customer to only withdraw cash and receive a report of the account's bala
Never leave your ATMtransactionslip

Never leave your ATMtransactionslip at the machine, neither should you dump it at the dustbin. Keep the ATM receipts safe till you get yournextmonthly statement. On getting a new ATM card be sure to sign the back side immediately.At least once a month get your bank passbook updated. If there is any problem with any ATM transaction, contact your bank manager immediately. There is an expiry period mentioned on the back side of your ATM card. Be sure to apply for a new ATM card before the expiry period else the ATM card can swallow up your old ATM card!

Check your monthly statements
Secure Communications
Make sure your Internet shopping sites are secure
When using night depositories
Block the view of others when using the ATM
During your transaction
Debit Card Safety Precautions
Ideally choose a random combination of numbers
Remember ATM theft can occur in two ways
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